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Dental Seating

Our dental stools are available in a wide range of models and versions: Choose the ideal solution for you in terms of comfort and freedom of movement!
AS-stools are provided with back to front swivel backrest supports, while the OP-stools are equipped with adjustable, contoured backrests that have been anatomically designed to fit your back and ensure maximum comfort during use.

All models are pneumatically operated, with an adjustable height range.

The radial base has silent, robust castors and is covered with a special shock-resistant protection for Spider models or in polished aluminum metal (easy-to-clean and always shiny!) for Andy models. Foot-ring supports are also available.

Cemm Medical Hi-Tech

Medical Italy Hi-Tech è in grado di offrire un’ampia gamma di riuniti e poltrone, carrelli indipendenti, seggiolini,  lampade, opzioni innovative e integrate per il controllo delle infezioni e tutti i dispositivi essenziali per il moderno studio odontoiatrico.

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